Remember The Fallen and Those That Served

Remember The Fallen and Those That Served

May 25, 2017
Remember the Fallen
Memorial Day is a day to pay our respects to Americans who have fallen serving in American Wars. Offering your respect can be done in many ways and here are just a few to consider:
1.   Fly your American flag at half-staff from Sunrise until Noon.  After Noon, the flag is raised up to its full glory to demonstrate the American spirit.
2.    Participate in a “National Moment of Remembrance” at 3:00 p.m. on May 27th. Observe a minute of silence at 3 o’clock local time for those who have given their lives.
3.    Donate Blood to the American Red Cross. Remember those heroes who are gone by becoming a hero to someone who needs blood or blood parts. 
4.     Say “Thank You” to a Veteran. This can be as informal as saying thanks to a soldier in uniform or shaking the hand of a veteran.
5.    Visit a National Memorial or Monument. Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Pearl Harbor Memorial, and Arlington National Cemetery are just a few you could visit.
Another way to show your respect is to celebrate the three-day weekend with your friends and family because this is just one of the liberties for which our fallen heroes died.
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A Memorial Day Quiz
On Memorial Day, we remember the brave men and women who gave their lives fighting America’s wars by decorating their graves and honoring their lives. This year, during the celebration, test your knowledge of America’s wars with this brief quiz.

1.    Which Hollywood icon is credited with developing a radio control system for torpedoes during World War II?

a.   Clark Gable

b.    Hedy Lamarr

c.     James Stewart

d.    Rita Hayworth

2.   Which were the first three states to secede prior to the Civil War?
a.   South Carolina, Mississippi, and Florida

b.    Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia

c.     South Carolina, Louisiana, and Texas

d.    Virginia, Arkansas, and North Carolina

3.   By what other name was World War I known?
a.   Nam

b.    The Great War

c.     The Holocaust

d.    Desert Storm

4.   How many wars has America fought?
a.   6

b.    9

c.     12

d.    15

(Answers: 1=b; 2=a; 3=b; and 4=c)