Tricks or Treats- Halloween

October 30, 2014
 In the spirit of Halloween......

Here’s a treat: $7.4 billion. That’s the amount Americans will spend on Halloween this year. We’ll buy candy to give out, pumpkins to carve, tickets to explore haunted houses, food and drink for parties, and home decorations for ambience.[1] Let’s not forget costumes! Forty-four percent of people like to disguise themselves for celebrations or to spook the neighbors. Last year, the top costumes were:[2]
·      For adults: witches, vampires, and Batman
·      For children: princesses, animals, and Batman
·      For pets: pumpkins, hot dogs, and the devil 
When you open your door for trick-or-treaters this year, you’re likely to find some World Cup soccer players as well as some grumpy cats and other meme-based characters. You may even find pop culture icons like characters from Frozen, Divergent, Guardians of the Galaxy, Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad, Maleficent, and other shows. And, remember, it’s an election year so political themes may be prevalent, too.
Halloween costumes are numerous and varied – just like investments. There are almost an unlimited number of options and possibilities. What’s important is choosing the ones that are right for you and your family. If you have any questions about your asset allocation and diversification, or you want to invite us to a Halloween Bash, just give us a call!